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Beautify Your Feet with Acrylic Toenails

18 June, 2020   I   by admin

Acrylic toenails are now available in a huge selection of styles and colors thanks to their growing popularity, and more and more nail salons are offering professional acrylic nail applications for clients who want perfect beautiful toes. If you’re not sure that an acrylic toenails pedicure is right for you, it could help to learn a little bit more about what they are and the procedures for applying and removing them. Then you’ll be able to decide whether acrylic toenails will be your perfect warm-weather accessory.

Why Use Acrylic Toenails?

Acrylic toenails are gorgeous, affordable, quick to apply and easy to maintain. Applications through experienced nail technicians are available for less than fifty dollars, and acrylics for toenails can be placed over the entire nail or just the tips.

Acrylics on toes are also a perfect solution if one toenail has been damaged or torn or if toenails have become warped by injuries; in some instances, acrylics can also be used to straighten toenails that have grown in crooked. If toenails were cut way too short and are taking much too long to grow back, acrylics may be used to cover the nails until they have grown out to a preferred length.

Acrylic Toenails Applications, Maintenance, and Removal

For the right fit and a great look, acrylic toenails should be applied by a professional. A nail technician will clean and prepare the nail and cuticle and then apply the right amount of liquid acrylic to the nail. Once the acrylic hardens, the nail can be sculpted, painted, and buffed. Because toenails grow so slowly, acrylics on toes only need to be filled in at the most once a month to maintain the original look.

Acrylic nails on toes must be removed carefully to prevent damage to the real nail. A professional can safely remove the nails and then care for the real nails underneath the acrylics, or you may remove the nails at home with a solution recommended by your nail technician.

Precautions for Using Acrylic Toenails

While acrylics on toes have plenty of pros, precautions need to be used when acrylics are placed on toenails. Acrylics can increase risks for fungal growth under the nail, which is one of the reasons it is important to ensure that the toenails are properly prepared for the acrylic applications.

Moisture can be a major problem for anyone who has acrylic toenails, especially when there’s any sort of a gap between the acrylic nail and your natural toenail. Since excess moisture can lead to the formation of mildew, feet should be kept dry and clean. To protect the health of your feet, it is best to use acrylics during the spring and summer months when open-toed shoes and sandals are worn. To buff up protection against fungal invaders, feet may be powdered or sprayed with an over-the-counter anti-fungal foot medication. If the problem persists, or becomes chronic, it’s a good idea to see a salon professional to address the issue, which, in many cases, can mean removing the acrylics.

Super long acrylic toenails increase risks for fungal growth and can easily become bent or broken; in some cases, the nails and nail beds may become damaged too, and so it is best to keep the acrylic nails on toes at a reasonable length.

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