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Placing Dark Hair Colors in Naturally Light Hair

18 June, 2020   I   by admin

If you have naturally light hair and have ever tried to add dark hair colors into it, you probably know that doing so can be extremely frustrating. These at-first bold colors seem to fade very quickly—almost overnight in some cases—which makes it very difficult to maintain dark colors in your hair. Even visiting a salon professional and getting permanent colors in your hair fails to keep darker colors from fading after you wash your hair a few times, which can be aggravating if you spend hundreds of dollars each time you visit the salon. While there is no way to prevent dark hair colors from fading from your natural hair, you can take a few steps to increase the time it takes these colors to fade substantially.

Preserve Dark Hair Colors by Washing Your Hair with Color-safe Shampoo

One of the best ways to preserve dark hair colors if you have naturally light hair is to wash your hair with color-safe shampoo, since this helps your hair color stay bolder and darker longer without stripping the color from your hair like other shampoos can do. Keep in mind, however, that not all types of color-safe shampoos are the same, so you should always purchase salon-quality shampoos and conditioners if possible, since these maintain the natural pH of your hair. While salon shampoos are usually a bit more costly than those you can purchase at local retail stores, they are of a much higher quality than their less expensive counterparts are.

Preserve Dark Hair Colors by Washing Your Hair in Cold Water

While it may seem a bit silly initially, washing your hair in cold water really can help preserve the dark colors in your hair, especially if you have naturally light hair. This is so because cold water helps seal your hair cuticles, which keeps the color in your hair longer, whereas hot water opens the cuticles and strips your hair of its color. When you wash your hair, keep in mind that the colder the water is, the better, so you should try to wash your hair in the coldest water you can handle.

If you have naturally light hair and want to add some bold, dark hair colors to it, it is necessary to follow a few tips to minimize the amount of fading you experience with your hair color. Washing your hair with color-safe shampoo and doing so in extremely cold water are two of the best ways to ensure the dark colors in your hair last as long as possible. While it is impossible to prevent your color from fading at all, taking these steps can result in longer-lasting and beautiful dark colors.

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